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An Insider's Look at AIB
Cristina AMILS
With Spanish and German parents, Cristina lived and went to school in both countries before deciding to settle in Barcelona. She splits her working time between the EU institutions and the Spanish domestic market, and when time allows she works on her voice - though for musical rather than linguistic purposes. Although she was trained in classical and piano, it's jazz and swing that really rock her boat.
Mireia BAS
Half French, half Spanish, Mireia is our Catalan language specialist and an official sworn interpreter for Catalan and French. She also works as a translator, an occupation that takes up much of her time and energy, and her love of teaching has led her to teach Catalan and Spanish as second languages. When she's not busy being a wordsmith she lets her hair down singing Brazilian music, which reminds her of warmer climes, or partakes in a spot of rock-climbing.
Jacqueline BUISSERET
Born a Belgian, now also a Catalan and Spaniard through love, Jackie is our most exotic member: she was raised in Africa and moved back there with her husband and two daughters before going on to Papua New Guinea and eventually back to Barcelona. On these long stints abroad she built up her medical interpreting experience, as well as knowledge of development issues. She also learned Swahili and pidgin English and became a proficient and eager swimmer, tennis player and cook, specializing in exotic dishes we all love to savour.
Mary, who is half American and half Spanish, is one of AIB's medical interpreting specialists, as well as our resident IT expert, to the great relief of the rest of the group. She's also an inexhaustible source of information about the latest developments on the Internet. Her interests are broad and varied, comprising music (choral singing) and networking, as well as reading and musing about the human mind and evolution.
Pilar, born in Galicia (in north-western Spain), decided to settle down close to Barcelona several years ago. Her dulcet tones are enchanting, both within and without the booth, and she is also expert in marketing. An avid reader, she splits her time between interpreting, teaching and even writing poetry, which perhaps some day she may be persuaded to publish! A former student of physics, Pilar keeps her finger on the pulse of all new developments in this area.
Another rare bird from warmer climes, Fernando spent much of his childhood in Libya and Malta, among other countries. Having lived in Barcelona for many years, he recently decided to go back to his roots in Madrid, where his work is mainly for European and international institutions and for television (he can be heard in Spain interpreting the Oscars for instance). But he always finds time for his favourite sport - swimming.
American-born Martha decided long ago that big cities were not her thing. She now resides in a quiet neighbourhood near Tarragona, having previously lived in the Andalusian hills for some years. This interpreter and anthropologist specializes, among other things, in medical and dental interpretation - but amongst colleagues she's best known as a computer whizz, especially on a Mac. What many don't know is her vibrant musical side: she plays several instruments and enjoys choral singing and dancing.
Michelle HOF
Born in Canada to a Dutch father and a French-Canadian mother, it was the search for her roots that first sent Michelle off to Québec and then the Netherlands. Ever the restless soul, Michelle then spent long stints in Germany and the UK before ultimately settling down on Tenerife. These days, when she's not busy interpreting for the European Institutions, Michelle spends every free moment with her family, although she hopes to one day find time again for her two big loves, yoga and scuba diving.
Patrícia LLUCH
back to her beloved Barcelona. She's been all over Europe - Italy, Belgium, Germany - not to mention frequent getaways in Turkey, where she learned this "exotic" language and enjoys spending time in Istanbul, her second most favorite city. Tai chi and Pilates sessions are ideal to offset the wear and tear of all this globe trotting; maybe that's why she's so full of energy and yet disciplined and persistent at everything she takes on.
Edwina is half English and half Spanish, and has a long track record in the Spanish domestic market as well as the European institutions. She moved to the Netherlands a few years ago with her family and further developed her institutional experience, but she decided to return to our warmer climes. For the time being she's coming to grips with Dutch and seizes every opportunity to sign up for dance workshops wherever they're available.
Half English and half Spanish, Felix has broad-ranging experience as an interpreter, particularly with the EU institutions and international organizations. All those hours cooped up in interpreting booths may help explain his penchant for hiking and mountain climbing.
Born of British and Danish parents and brought up in Spain, Maria has made her home right here where she grew up. Although she's got nothing against the city, it's country living that gives her most energy and her drive to work, while also affording her the chance to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes - horses. Like some of our other members, Maria can always find time to delight others with delicious cookies and cakes. We're so lucky!
Hugo is our most British of members and as such is a non-stop globetrotter, both for business and leisure. He recently decided to move his base to Madrid. When not working he's likely to be found in a country with a coastline, getting ready to plunge into the sea and check out the underwater landscape. On dry land he can always be tracked down by the aroma of his exquisite cigars.
Guiomar STAMPA
Born in Madrid, Guiomar attended the German school there and eventually became a Catalan by adoption. She is AIB's Sales Director and as such has managed the interpreting at events such as the Expo Zaragoza 2008. Moreover, she is also prominent in the field of education and the culinary arts thanks to her skills and interests. If you ever lose track of her whereabouts, she may well have made off to some exotic beach or perhaps the opera.
Born in Barcelona, and having completed her degree in her native town, Lourdes went off to the United States to further her education and decided to settle there for a few years. She then moved to Belgium, where she lived for 16 years, eventually bringing her family back to her home country to live within sight of her yearned-after Mediterranean, where she can get her favourite kinds of exercise: tennis, padel tennis, and sailing.
Catherine SHERRY
English by birth, Barcelonan by adoption, Catherine is bursting with energy and initiative. She combines interpreting with written translations and always has at least one project on the go. A practical woman, Catherine likes to zip through the busy city on her folding bicycle, which takes her anywhere and everywhere. In her spare time she exercises her fingers and her whole body by playing the piano and practicing yoga.
Ursula ZUBER
Our most "neutral" member is Ursula - after all, she's Swiss, along with being Spanish and French. She's the member with the longest career in interpreting and has travelled to many countries as a result. Although she remains dedicated to her interpreting work, she can always find slots for her favourite pastimes: gardening, cooking, her pets, travels, and good food.

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