Cristina Amils
Mireia Bas
Jacqueline Buisseret
Mary Fons i Fleming
Pilar García-Crecente
Fernando González
Martha Hobart
Michelle Hof
Patrícia Lluch
Edwina Mumbru
Felix Ordeig
Maria Pearce
Hugo Pooley
Lourdes Ramírez
Catherine Sherry
Guiomar Stampa
Ursula Zuber
Silvia Ros
Behind the scenes
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We’re passionate both about languages and excellence in our work. We have years of training, we’ve racked up countless hours’ experience in and out the booth, we’ve travelled thousands of miles. We’ve devoted incalculable hours to reading and studying, we’ve made glossaries galore, and we’ve organised many an interpreting team. Notwithstanding all of the above, we’re only human, and we also strive to have a good work/life balance! We have hobbies and side-lines that we get up to whenever we can, and between us we cover a pretty wide range of them including sport, music, cooking and literature. Get to know us from another angle.


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