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What is it?


Remote simultaneous interpreting or distance interpreting is when the interpreters are not in the same physical place as the speakers and/or participants of a meeting.


There are various possible scenarios:

  • The interpreting booths can be set up in an adjacent room to the meeting using physical equipment to receive the audio and video input in real time.
  • The interpreting booths may be located in a remote interpreting centre (a ‘hub’) using streaming for the audio and video input.
  • The interpreters could also work from home using a specific simultaneous interpreting platform to interpret the meeting (recommended during lockdown only).

What does it involve?


  • If the booths don’t fit in the meeting room, they can be set up nearby and connected to the room with closed-circuit cabling. It's essential for the interpreters to have a video feed from the meeting so they can visually follow the proceedings on a screen. The meeting participants can listen to the interpreting using the headsets provided.
  • A remote simultaneous interpreting hub can prove useful if the organiser doesn’t have the space to install booths in the meeting room or wants to avoid transporting and setting them up. One technician must be on-site at the meeting to manage the process at that end, while another technician at the hub ensures that the audio and video feed are optimal for the interpreters. The participants can listen to the interpreting either using headsets or an app on their mobile device.
  • Remote interpreting from home offers the least quality guarantees because the interpreters are not working in the same space and broadband connections can vary considerably. The interpreters connect via a platform that sends their output to the participants' electronic devices.

What can we offer?


AIB is here to listen to your needs and propose the best solution on a case-by-case basis.

We can advise and recommend the most suitable option.


We've carried out an extensive study of the most robust remote and distance interpreting platforms on the market, including Zoom, Kudo, Voiceboxer, Olyusei and Interactio, and have done numerous demos and practice runs to get to know the features and specificities of each.

Tell us what you need to do. We’ll find the best solution for your meeting.


Get a quote now.


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