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Useful tips for sound technicians - ISO/IEC standards for booths and interpreting equipment.
ISO/IEC standards for interpretation booths and equipment.
ISO Standard 2603:
conference facilities equipped with built-in booths.
ISO Standard 4043:
mobile booths.
ISO Standard 60914:
power and sound system specifications for interpretation equipment.
Simultaneous interpretation sytems:
  • Soundproofed and well away from sources of noise.
  • Silent ventilation systems.
  • Full view of room, speakers and screen (distance should not be greater than 30m).
  • Adequate working surface (50 cm depth).
  • Individual table lamp.
  • Functional seating at a comfortable height.
  • Size:
Simultaneous interpretation booth sizes
 Built-in booths (ISO 2603)Mobile booths (ISO (4043)
Width 2,50m 1,60m (max. 2 interpreters)
2,40m (2-3 interpreters)
3,20m (3-4 interpreters)
Depth 2,40m Mobile booths (4043)
Height 2,30m Mobile booths (4043)
  • Individual control panel and microphone for each interpreter.
  • Lightweight headphones for each interpreter.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient volume received in interpreters’ headphones, and provide for an adequate reserve (ca. 30%). The sound must be tested before the start of the meeting.
  • Sound should be constantly monitored, in particular at the beginning of the meeting and after a change of speakers.
  • Ensure that only one microphone is connected at a time, except when a rapid exchange necessitates two.
  • Avoid sound saturation and the Larsen effect.
  • Ensure that where public address or sound reinforcement systems are used they are set at a minimum level, so that participants can listen to interpretation without interference.
  • When video or film soundtracks have to be interpreted, make sure that you feed the sound directly to the interpreters’ headphones.
  • The reference standard for sound equipment is IEC 60914.
Information provided by the interpreters of ESPaiic - Spanish Region of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) Copyright ESPaiic, 2001
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